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Maya: Inscription Of Infancy
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Maya: Inscription Of Infancy

Poem By Kanishka SricharanPratap

She was 87 years old,
A widow for a long, long time.
'Mom, you have your life on hold.'
The widow snapped, 'What's that - a crime? '
Soon thereafter, she tempted fate,
So that her daughter might butt out.
The widow went on a blind date
With 90 year old Mr. Prout.
The widow returned, 'That's the last -'
'You never know what men will do.'
The widow's daughter looked aghast,
'Did Mr. Prout get fresh with you? '

'If only, ' the widow replied.
'No - Mr. Prout just up and died.'

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Comments (3)

Nightingale is right! Humur & rythm are mutual ingredients!
Funny and enjoyable. Never too old to date.
good gracious! ...that is so funny...