Late Evening In The Village

As night falls, the bats do flit
From the old belfry tower
A barn owl silently ghosts
Across the flowery meadow
A tawny owl in the tall elm
Hoots and is answered by its' mate
Who sits on the graveyard wall
A fox trots by in the lane
Down to the farmers fields
A badger family plays in the coppice
As mice come out to feed
On seeds fallen from sacks of grain
Stacked in the wooden barn
The farmyard tabby is on the prowl
While in the brightly lit tavern
Pints of ale are being drawn
Pleasant talk and friendly laughter
Drifts out through the open windows.

by Marilyn Shepperson

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Comments (9)

Very nice and real scene shown in the poem.
Absolutely luscious - places the reader there in the village and right there on the country lane and in the woods where the owls hoot
Nice work with the acts of nature.
Nice poem... Perfect description of a rural farm setting
Brilliant Marilyn! I stuck in your village of Twilight and I hear the bell tolls in the old belfry painted the late evening on all of our hearts.
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