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Late For School

Dedicated to my son, Christopher

I go to bed so late at night,
My Mom says 'It's always a fight.'
I can't get up so early each day,
I don't know why she's yelling today.
I set my alarm last night at bed time
but I honestly didn't hear it chime!
Mom's now getting mad at me,
I tell her 'I just have to go pee! '
Now I just have to comb my hair,
I'll be ready in a minute...I swear!
I'm almost dressed, honestly...
I'll be there in a jiffy!
I just have to get on my shoes,
then in the car I can snooze.
I know I'm going to be late again,
Why can't they make school start at 10?

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hehe reminds me of when I was young - well wrote