Late Love

Are you the Aphrodite of the Greek tales
Or the Artemis who admirers drooling sent?
No, for Aphrodite had her little flaws
And Artemis the fortunes of Orion bent.

Nor are you the stunning star that the Magi led.
For the over-told story of the Magi is as old as dirt
But your drowsy rounded eyes look so cunning fresh;
The kind of tools that the will men pervert.

The famous Ishtar cannot be your match
For she lured with looks in order to kill;
And Inanna may have tried to rival you a bit
Had she not given in to Dumuzi’s antique skill.

And tired of prating about deities, I now must say I love you.
I know that time is so much gone, and so is my chance;
The remote luck I thought I stood some years gone
Must now be as extinct as the Pyrenean Ibex of ancient France.

Some mate told me you vowed the holy nuptials yesteryear,
The twines that no God-fearing mortal should ever sever.
I neither want to lose you, - I’d rather lose myself;
Nor do I want to incur the curse that condemns forever.

by Hannington Mumo

Comments (12)

A well-crafted poem that shows a good grip on history, and a lovely reading it makes. Happy yo read your poem, Hannington Muno. I give full marks.
Well conceived and nicely penned in beautiful rhyme scheme from the heart. A beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing Hannington.
History! Nice work with the muse of life. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
I love the originality shown here. A brillant show of emotion. KW
Quite compelling write surcharged with emotion by the unique imagery and metaphors, well crafted,10+, thanks for sharing
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