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Late May Bus Log

Trinidad bus stop-
Glass panel that was shattered
Has not been replaced.

Westhaven P. O.-
The pink azaleas are blooming.
Humming birds visit.

West of Moonstone Beach-
Covers of gray mist make the
West horizon’s bed.

Near McKinleyville
cars shine in the rain
At the airport parking lot.

Side street vista-
Tall dandelions and a boat-
Old house, unkempt yard.

Central Avenue,
McKinleyville Park-
Bikers wear rain coats.

Ninety minute ride.
The bread line’s shorter by an hour.
Soon I am back home.

“Poverty abides, ”
Tree frogs sing by the water.
“A meal makes our day.”

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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You have a good heart, write with it, not your mind, your work i like it has feeling Osceola