Late Night Hype

Cool breeze blows the curtains as we lay in slumber deep, the sheets are slightly ruffled and we're laying underneath,

you have your back to me as I awaken much too soon, the darkness is bewildering I could've slept til noon.

But then there's one small ray of light that's shining through the blinds, it hits your neck with such design I pine to make you mine,

no Nikes on my feet and yet I wanna stay like Mike, in driving to your rim you see I call it Late Night Hype.

I gently peel the covers back admiring your form, the lust is raining down on me like fire in a storm,

conventionality for us is tiresome and worn, I wake you up with handcuffs clicking tight let's git it on!

The look of trepidation on your face is classic yes, I turn you on your stomach where I view your classicness,

positioned for positions guaranteed to make it smack, you know just what I like cause then you start to make it clap.

The ripples of your nips I see it clear from underneath, it drives me to the point of leavin sumthin on the sheets,

the man inside your boat is not that small from what I see, your aperture's pure rapiture, I kneel and tongue it deep.

Bipartisan extremities are locked above the bed, your flowing gadolinium is rockin through my head,

I get enough inside my nose to prob'ly dropp me dead, but I won't let it spill I choose to swallow it instead.

I rise and penetrate into a warmth so blazin tight, I'm glad the choice was made for me to come and spend the night,

we move with such precision the decision made to fight, means reconciliation when we're on a Late Night Hype.

Your silk is overpowering I feel it in my bones, when ref'rencing your body style admittedly I jones,

like now as I'm inside of you I splash and splish around, your wetness I explode just like an airplane hit the ground.

I slowly lay down next to you, it's more like I collapse, you always drain the life from me it's what I like in fact,

I fiend to make you scream and cream it's such a tasty sight, I love to satisfy you on a scorching Late Night Hype.

by James Lewis

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