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Late Visit
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Late Visit

It was midnight then and she came to the door
and was wearing her crimson old dress.
Flashed her cleavage at me and tap-danced on the floor
to the rhythm of Porgy and Bess.
Then she tumbled inside, holding on to my ear
and we both fell hard on the bed
fell asleep under me and was dead from the beer
that she'd guzzled before, so she said.
And when morning was breaking she stirred and she said
did we do any humping last night?
So I turned her around put her back into bed
to explain to her just how we might
make up for lost time of her hangover mode
and enjoy now this morning's old sheets
but she answered that one who told ladies he rode
about conquests but never defeats,
is a mongrel at heart who is probably short
and prefers over women his sweets.
So I told her how nice she was looking today
and that both of us had to make up
and she answered, well come let us now hit the hay
but I will have to be always on top.
That was 40 years back and she lives in the East
and she probably still does the same
if you know such a girl or a similar beast
send her over as long as she's tame.

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Herbert i thought all woman wanted to be on top, maybe i always get the agressive ones, if you find her im keen to find out what woman are like from the east Warm regards allan