The Picket Fence

What lies beyond the picket fence
With its roses all entwined?
I pass it on my way to work.
In the day it’s on my mind.
Is there a house all cozy and warm
And does it teem with life?
Children all running through the rooms,
A husband and his wife
Who tends the roses everyday
And makes warm food at night?
So when I pass I might smell the aroma
And wish to have a bite.

But no, upon my return from work
The only scent that’s there
Are the roses wrapped around the fence
That waft into the air.
No voices do I hear
Playing joyfully.
And still I wonder every day.
I wonder but cannot see
What lies beyond the picket fence?
I guess I’ll never know.
But I know there must be something
That makes those roses grow.

by Edwina Reizer

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