Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


I went to Heinz the other day.
he runs the German Deli Shop,
which draws, just like a magnet,
the Krauts and others, magically.

And usually, for the drive home
I take a Laugenpretzel, salty,
and chew to keep me occupied
until the moment comes where I

alone at home, unpack, like presents
the bloodpudding and Harzer cheese,
and have a feast of reminiscence.
This time I drove the open Jeep,

a sudden shower came as a surprise,
it watered me inside and out,
and, like Poseidon, I prevailed,
arrived at home with limp and soggy pretzel.

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Comments (2)

Nice and tasty...even if soggy...lol. LSP
hmmmm....can put alot of meaning in that one. Good one though.