Laugh out loud
A baby's delicious laugh
We've been misinformed
Later, we'll cry half

Heck, it's time to laugh
But which kind?
The kinds that tickles your chest
Disrespectful and unrefined

Or the silent kind
Where the mouth's corners
Are cartoonishly up
Reaching behind ears' border?

Or border on the soft
The silent hum with nostalgic tones
Where you feel water
Dripping, sipping but never shown?

Why does a laugh
Show itself anyway?
We seem we want to laugh
The next emoji to display

We laugh because
It is hard to accept the fact:
We have little less laugh
Than we're able to pack

Or we laugh because
We accept that we did otherwise before
We've got nothing to lose
We laugh to even the score

by Ragy Sandid

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