Heart And Soul

We once we’re afraid to be reject
After all of the times that we had
Been loved and left before.
Our thought this would be the same,
Therefore, we didn't let ourselves
To keep our faith anymore.
We was afraid to be hurt, left,
Whatever, but God showed us
What we really mean to Him.
He is always there every time we need someone we can talk too.
Someone would listen to us…
Someone we could trust…
Someone we can lean on…
We have been loved and left before,
And God is always there for us
Every time we’re in the lowest point of our life.
Now, our lives seem to be empty without Him.
Maybe sometimes we fell that he has done-
Something that hurt us, and He is sorry....
For all we know how much He loves us,
He sacrifice his precious life just to save us,
His love for us continues to grow
Every split seconds of our life,
And even though sometimes we feel
That He is gone for a while.
It will never fade.
Because we are his one true love,
God loves us with all of his heart and soul.
We are his everything.
God Always blesses us!

by Rommel Filoteo

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