FA (15/02/1982 / )

Laugh Of Disbelieve

After Sarah's laugh
As if that wasn't enough
She went ahead to lie
And the Lord asked her why?

She felt she had passed the age of childbearing
But with God there is always hope of childrearing
Not before long, to bareness she said goodbye
She held her precious Isaac and sang him a lullaby.

"God has made me laugh", she said
"And all who hear will laugh with me"
What she thought would never come to be
Was made possible by the Almighty God.

I bring you words of hope today
No matter your condition, continue to pray
Trust in God and do not wallow in despair
For there is nothing too hard for Him to repair.

He that put laughter in the mouth of a 90yr old
Is still the God of the whole world
He will surely visit you in due season
Why Sarah could laugh, He was the reason.

by Frank Adie

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