Laughable Snaps

Black and white photos
Captured the little girl I once was
A one year old with fascination
Recorded by time lapse pauses

Wearing a shinny satin dress…
I remember it was pink
A homemade birthday cake
Got my attention in a blink

The shutter eye of the box camera
Clicked as it opened and closed
A single candle lifted with a tug
It must be tasty I supposed.

Pursed lips explored the frosting
As a tiny tongue savored
Drool commenced to flow
The sweetness was vanilla flavored

What a succulent trophy!
A small empty hand lunged
At the cake remaining on the table…
Destined to take a plunge

Save by a quick swoop from Auntie
Party-goers breathe an outward sigh
With a satisfied smile on my face
Nothing else could compete or vie

by Theresa Ann Moore

Comments (2)

It's fun to look back at those old pictures...I'll be doing that soon myself...I'm sure
A fun recollection of childhood. Thanks for sharing. Loved it.10 from me.