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Laughing Reflection

Laughing Reflection

It’s where I go
When there’s no place else
That’s safe
Hidden within walls of reflection
Simply a smile
On my face
My lips may move
Words may come out
They guard my heart for me
Tucking it away deep
Out of harms way
Casting up a smoke screen
No one can see through
As I move from here to there
Staying on my own little path
People come and they go
They just all need a laugh
One step ahead
Of the rest of the class
I proceed.
Ah, they all read me wrong
They don’t know who I am
Or what lies deep within my soul
It’s just what I think they need
Or what I want them to see
It’s who they think I am
A picture I paint of me.
The wall around me is thick
No one ever gets through
I’m always in total control.
When ever I think that
I’d like to feel
A sense of true connection
It becomes so apparent to me
That people don’t want to see
The real me
They just want my laughing reflection.

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