Laughter, is really the best medicine,
that saying is very true! Just try having
a hardy laugh and see what it can do.
Whenever you laugh, you're releasing
pent up emotions, accumulated over a
period of time. It will help alleviate your
troubles, so you can leave them all
behind! There's nothing like having a
hardy laugh, to help start your day.
By doing this, it also takes to take the
stress away. All of us should try, to laugh
a little bit more, it's healthier, when we
do. If you keep it bottled in, it can sure
make a wreck out of you. If you're
looking for a way, to brighten up your
day, laughter is your bet. And to the
best of my knowledge, no one, has
ever died, from it yet!

by Audrey Heller

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