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Laughter is joy
it can be contagious.
Hearing it from a child is so cute.

Laughter can make music sometimes.
Laugh so loud, so the world can hear you.
Don't be afraid to share your laugh,
even though yours is squeaky or not!

Everyone knows your in the mood
to do something exciting.
Make it contagious and noticeable.
Share it to the universe.

Your body is ready to be exciting,
don't stop it, keep it going.

I will always laugh because of yours.
It's so funny that I can hardly breath.
So much joy, that I don't know what to do?

Laughter has three parts to it;
Live, Love, Laugh! !
When you laugh it's full of love,
and living while laughing.

Laughing is great! !

Comments about Laughter

laughter is indeed the very best medicine. I laughed my way through breast cancer and have fully recovered. Laughter is really good for us emotionally and mentally. Well siad. Nice happy poem.

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