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Laughter :)

As, we sit and talk for hours
I know I never feel alone.
We could be talking on the computer
Or talking on the phone.

To Share laughter and,
to put a smile my face
No one ever can take that place.

You have had my eyes water,
and to have had my stomach hurt,
The things that you have blurt out! ! !
There is no doubt that there is true laughter.

I know you give so much effort,
To keep me laughing harder, and harder.
As you, tell me more jokes.
It ‘s hard not to soak my pants,
Cant stop laughing! it harder to control my bladder.
I came to realize my life much sadder with out you in it.

I hope you didn’t mind as I submit.
One of the best qualities you have to offer
Which is Laughter.


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