(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Laughter As Medicine

The light turned red
and there I sat
and watched a cuddle
inside a puddle.
A bird was dead
had cracked his head
against a truck,
what rotten luck!

His wife now tried
to be the guide
and make him fly
up in the sky.

She glanced at me
for company
but then she saw
the brain, so raw
and bright red blood
all mixed with mud.

Yet she remained,
her feathers stained
all drained of life -
a shattered wife.

Now came the law,
he looked and saw
that some dumb bird
sat undeterred
and full of grief,
'so', said the chief,
'you must disperse,
I cannot be for him the nurse.'

She would not budge
a final nudge
did not revive
her mate named Clive.

The copper took
his ticked book
and threw it high
to make her fly.

Now she was sad
but also mad
and could indeed
get up to speed.

She now attacked
the cop and whacked
with her strong beak
this cruel freak.

And then she rose
above his nose
and let it fly
into his eye.

Her spouse had just
as we all must
freed from his bod
the soul for God.

He now observed
how his unnerved
and angry mate
could vent her hate.

He laughed so hard,
God dropped his guard
the soul returned
and he had earned
a great reprieve,
no need to leave.

And if you aim to fight and win
Just laugh, it's super medicine.

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Comments (5)

Herbert, you have a deliciously twisted mind...and you make me laugh. Raynette
a tale well told the wisdom true and sure and can't argue with laughter's power redemption no easy task here just comes into the lines flawlessly a fine poem
I love the twist at the end.........I was wondering where the laughter was gonna come in from your title....this was great. I liked how it was so sad at first and then ends with happy laughter! What a wonderful poem! Sincerely, Mary
Well, I don't know if your medicine will work, but I've really enjoyed taking it. This is a scream, Herbert. 'Hell hath no fury like a bird bereaved', eh? Ha ha ha!
i like bird poems herbert and i reward good bird poems, and this is quite a good story poem and your right laughter is the best medicene Warm regards AJS