AH (2/28/32 / Bronx, New York/ Now residing in Florida)


I don't think many people, get pleasure
doing their laundry, actually speaking,
you have to know what you're doing, for
it to turn out right. The most important
things to remember are, colored
garments are put together, while whites,
are washed only with white! Never put
everything into one load, it's the worst
thing, you can do. It will save a lot of tme,
but can you imagine what the clothes will
look like, when they're through? Colors,
will definitely run, if you try to remove it
from whites, the damage has already been
done! You also have to consider the fabric,
that too, needs special care. It has to be
washed in the delicate cycle, which is
made strictly for wash and wear! Doing
the laundry, is not as simple as you think.
But be as it may, there are several items,
I still, wash by hand, in the sink!
things I still wash by hand, in the sink!

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