WG (03.07.1992 / Slovakia)

Laura By The Window

dreary evening falls on the block
where careworn gal lies on her couch
in front of a blinking screen she's bored
when shadow quickly flies outside

first she thought it's nothing special
her eyes so tired, not interested
but second shadow missed the window
and Laura stood in room in fuss

neighbourhood was quiet and bleak
wind in streets once strong once weak
when again, right past her window
shadow of a man flew down

all of a sudden, all hell broke loose
men and women, boys and girls
writhing and kicking through the air
just a few seconds, down to the ground

frail and confused she opened the window
bodies still hitting the dead lawn below
crawled on the windowsill, for better look
she lost her balance - quick joined the show

by William Greco

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