Poem By Ardimus Caldwell

The first time i ran into love
Her fingers clenched so tight around the throat of monsters
She was choking cancer
Lips perked up
Each deep crack streched trying to run away
But held captured capivity
They had no where to go
Skin deep they welcomed nicoten through the teeth
Inhaled false delighted promises of stress
Being relieved only through the eye's death
Was a pack a day
Conversation rose and misery slow crepted infront of me
As she reached for my hand
I saw joints struggled to bend
Already preset for several types of motions
1) Grad achole bottles that rythem of foriegn places
Since a high school dropp out wasn't really educated
Taught legs open very easy
Legs Open Very Easy
Was just a distint fairy tale land where those bottles came from
2) Shield her face being victim of true feeling
Force to watch tears hang for there lives
Then dropp to the bottom of bottles that were later kissed by her lips
She was drunk off her self of steam
Intoxicaded off sweet dreams
She quickly rose her arms
Like white flags on sticks
She said wait it isn't what it seems
Her arms leaked
Barely standing the holes ran deep
Matching those of stars she gazed half dazed at
Damaged by glass figurings
That carried hope of imagination
A reservation was waiting for her
High in the clouds where she swore
She heard the whispers of God
And he turned her down
And said crack heads are not allowed
So she crashed into the bathroom stall
Laying on what feels like home the floor
Comforted by tears and reality pluged into her veins
Deeply confused about fantasies and hallucinations
She gathered what was left of her ego
Because her pride was thrown up in the toilet next to her
Drowning in the broken promises
Agreements torn to shreds
Commitment used as ammunition pointed at her heart
Death of true love that ever sprug up in her near future
She told her story
As she cracked a wink and walked away
Before she was gone
A yelled my number in hopes of love catching my heart in the wind
As the smoke exhaled from her lungs and entered the breeze
I knew that i was forgotten
When the sun came up
Dragged across the lazy's sky's back
She lingered on my lips
Like the night of our first conversation
Only a few minutes longer
I waited
For love to turn and walk heel for heel to my arms
She had infected my mind
A misterious beauty vixen
Come to me
Come to me as you are
Tainted love
Crippled foundation
Raw beauty like God intead
And when we build the bridge to happiness
We can visit him again together
Show that unified is stronger than any high
How my love is more than a simple fix
But a ever lasting embarrassment love
Like ruining dream weddings
Smashing wedding cakes
Come dress in a poke-a-dot suite
Leaving you at the alter
Love stiched onto the interior of dress
Then text you how i want to be your dream
Make our own cake with time we put in
Come dress in whatever because your outfit isn't what i'm attracted to
Its the halo in your hello
Forever stained in the back of your mind
And i hope that it puts a smile on your face like it does to mine
Because i'm waiting for you
With open arms
Flaws and all

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