AI (24.10.1960 / Bangalore)

Lavender Your Passion

to human beings in general
(Written in acrostic)

Lounging on the branch of your passion’s strength
Angst overwhelms the purple peach of reality
Venting ire on what understanding eludes
Everstriving toward sanctity of what might be
Nevertheless exerting misconstrued efforts
Diminished perplexity as realization finds imbued
Ensembling fortitude against a benign male gaze
Robbing the pristine heart of its own conscience

Yesterday prunes the expectations of morrows
Offering unexplained signs of disappointment
Unifying togetherness in separate approach
Relegating to nothingness the power of understanding

Pragmatic in the style of your thinking
Assuage do you the substance within
Savouring soulful renditions of unrelenting sorrow
Subjugating the self to frivolous exercise
Inciting gamut desires in persuasive strands
Obstructing the path of mutual friendship
Navigating channels of inexplicable lovliness

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