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Law And Order

‘Boys in blue' finger triggers sights on blacks.
Guilt perceived, slaps the face of innocence
With a white hand. ‘Bobbies' bay for black blood
And the air drifts like smoke with the smell
Of death hovering like a Hoover sucking
In the mockery of justice. Violence
Wears a badge - license to stop, to search,
To maim and kill. Lofty skipped town sipping
Forbidden ice-tea and baggy attire
Is a red cape to a crazed ‘Bull'.
Poke a pocket - you're a thug
Walk the pavement - a suspect
Stroll the park - a threat
Stoop in a corner - a thief
Defend yourself - a pest
Stand up for rights - a menace
Plead ‘Black Lives Matter' - a terrorist.
Violence, beatings, torture and murder
Are unpaid crimes of the ‘Old Bill'.
Transparency and accountability
Take a Sabbatical
And at black burials ‘Bottles' never crack,
‘Babylon' spreads battle wings with iron quills
Searching to spy out liberties with fear….
Gavilán flexes its talons ripping
Black lives to tears,
Gavilán the hawk is Law!

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Comments (3)

Powerful and creative.
Very timely, very apt and very true. Loved it but I rage against such injustice.
defend yourself, good one.