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Law Of Karma
MA Mamta Agarwal (March 27,1951 / India)

Law Of Karma

A skinny six years old,
Stood shivering on that cold
Foggy January afternoon,
Selling colourful balloons
At the traffic light
It was quite a tragic sight.

Matted hair, barely clad,
Looking forlorn and sad.
In her bleak eyes a desperate plea
I couldn’t ignore but see.
I bought a balloon for my grand child,
My eyes with tears blind.
I was overcome with guilt,
Warm in my car custom built.

This rich poor divide is
Is just getting wide.
Earning a living, lost childhood
I found myself brood.
Basic necessities
To live with dignity
Is everyone’s right
I pondered as she went out of sight.

So young, withered and wane,
Is this Karma pre ordained?

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Comments (5)

The poem is good though i dont believe in karma. I admire your penetrating vision
For me this is a thought provoking poem! Broadly speaking, there can be two schools of thoughts! Perhaps Karma theory was framed to keep human actions & deeds under control with a spiritual threat! The Buddhists speak of total extinction! I remain confused & still trying to find out! -Raj Nandy
An interesting theme which an age old subject of rich poor divide. The divide may remain but how much? is the question. Your poem is good with excellent imagery But still your tears in the poem explains your concern for the poor.I admire your feelings
Heartfelt. We need more compassion in the world, like yours.
your poem reminded me of a beautiful story of....Katherine Masefield's 'A cup of Tea' revealing two different aspects of life...but we are helpless, cannot change the order of the world...our poems are similar in thoughts.... you have captured a realistic imagery....