AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

Lawn Square.

Oh look at those unknown butterfly
The flying dance with girls walk
There are a lot of dragonflies
Such as the glide plane

How cool fresh air
To see the scene once in a lifetime
Have you ever paid attention to insects in flight
Perhaps you have not seen them fly

Your heart is not in the nature
Your heart has already trapped in the house
The activities of small sky
How happy they are

Do you know where they come from
They are soaring by the moon in
Before the sun had not a take-off
After six miles in the sky

Your body is too bad they are funny
Why do you always snooze
Bees do not seem as hard-working competent
I do not know how bad the human kind

You always thought he was intelligent of all creatures
But it seems less than a small insect
As long as you dare to work
There is no reason fate worse than the insects

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