Open House

There is an open house
At the place where I live
And I could be paart
Of the people who show up

But, I think I'll pass
Because of things happening
To me and people close to me
At this time and place

by Jerry Abrahamson

Comments (3)

Whitman discusses God in this poem. People have said there are rules to God's creation, as they believe it. But not all people believe in the same creation. People believe what they want to believe about the subject.
Whitman is showing that there are no rules to creation. People have set rules, but they don't have to be followed. Creation is anything that someone puts together. No one can keep you from creating something that means something to you.
I'm not sure exactly what this poem means, but i think it has something to do with THE creation. Or creation as an artistic subject, something to that affect anyway. I think the lines starting with 'what do you suppose creation is? ' are saying that our souls will only be satisfied if we are equal with God, and feel some kind of freedom from him.