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Laws For Woman
(June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

Laws For Woman

Harassment over dowry is violence.
Rape is violence of the high order.
Marital rape is no way less in crime.
Violence free woman must be man's pride.

Dowry harassment law and rape law
Are so one-sided that a woman's complaint
Is enough to land man into lock up.
Nonviolence to woman must be man's pride.

Spousal violence is wide prevalence,
Not reported from stigma attached to it
And from lack of support in her family.
A law on marital rape is man's pride.

Dowry law has been misused at a will.
Men were scared and prefer live-in methods.
Rape law has been misused at a stroke.
Men are scared and distance themselves from love.

Law on marital rape will come to stay.
One more feather to her cap against men.
All the three laws must be in force, no doubt,
With dilution in blatant prosecution.

He bought a kitchen knife for his wife.
He was never scared of her for the knife.
She made no moves to shake his faith in her.
What would happen if she misuses the knife?

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