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Lay Down & Cry
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Lay Down & Cry

Don't you remember when you told me you loved me?
Don't you remember how you would kiss me and hug me?
Don't you miss how we used to say good night?
Don't you miss how we always play and fight?
Don't you know that you mean the world to me?
Don't you know that when I think of you I can't sleep?
Why do I love you even though you broke my heart?
Why can't you love me the way you did from the start?
Will I ever love another like I love you?
Will I ever get over the pain you put me through?
Why won't you tell me whats on your mind?
Why won't you just let me in your head one time?
Why oh why do I even bother to ask why when all I really wanna do is
Lay down & cry.


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Lots of verve, and impassioned release here, Nakesha...job well done... ~ F.j.R. ~