Lay Me Down

Poem By charity howard

Lay me down if you love me
hold me while you kiss me
lay with me I can feel me heart racing
kiss me until we lose all feeling in our lips
lay me down
hold me if you really love me
I want to hear your heartbeat
I feel so safe when you hold me
Do you love me? I need you
I need to be with you
I can't stand to go a day with out you
lay me down
I want to feel you inside of me
I want you to love me
what is love? love is fear
fear of losing the one
crying over lost kisses
love is dreams that have come true
so lay me down if you love me
lay me down while we sleep

Comments about Lay Me Down

well thnx... i dont know what to say... this is still a very good poem and i am glad that it has been dedicated to me... i hope you have good luck in all the rest of your relationships Yours Truly Brian

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