Lay With You

As I lay here
Will you lay with me.
Nonsexual embracing of shadowed walls
blocking out the light of day unappreciated
by the triumphs of man
beyond the illuminated window panes.

The dimly lit cushioned dance floor
of dreams to waltz in a silent
gust of breath passing back and forth
between a pair of lips and lungs.

Five fingers interwoven with
scattered strands of hair
on pillows impressed by your presence
a much as I am.

Stay at my side
Motionless, with no regard for the sun.
My free arm wrapping your chill away.
Over your back and fingers snuggled
between flesh and futon,
slipped under hip and numbed on the tips,
as you skip day besieged on a bed
while I skip my heat beats
blood pressure reads dead.
Reaching the fifth pagoda.

The tactile sense subsides
to the sixth unmentioned but understood.
Lips stays still but your breath is audible,
and I know all that is conveyed.

by Brian (Yaotzu) Bungcayao

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