WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Laying In The Mud (Tales From The Fire)

Rifle blasts fill the air
Most are shouting it isn't fair

Rebel leaders are breaking through
The walls have fallen, its 0 and 2

It's time for action, time to move
If we're worth a damn, its time to prove

One by one, more go down
Oh my God, a sickening sound

The fiery glow of hot burning metal
Running in the air, before his chest it settles

A full metal jacket will carry his blood
To hell and back, while he lays in the mud

Why do we fight for worthless things
Loosing all this life, loosing our wings

In the end only the devil will win
They lost their souls because of their sin

Take it for what it is, or take it for what it sounds
You listen to the TV, while another soldier hits the ground

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