(03/16/90 / Seoul)

Laying Next To You

Laying next to you,
Hearing you breathe,
Watching you suffer,
Watching the blood tears run down your face,
I can’t wash away your pain,
You can’t wash away my endless sorrows,
Laying next you feel as if I was laying down alone,
Watching you walk away,
Watching you leave out of my life,
It hurts me inside,
My endless sorrows made me cry,
I try hard to not show it,
To show what you mean to me,
Laying next to you makes me feel all warm inside,
Just talking to you makes me have butterflies in my stomach,
Just watching you smile makes me smile,
Just watching you fade away makes me wanna hurt myself,
One thing I ever wanted in life was you.

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you have very unique style of writing which is very strong it attracts me... thanks for your nice poem