Lazy Bones

That's it! He'd had enough today!
The tiger faced the facts.
He let his body pause and sway
Then flopped down to relax...
His muscles melted suddenly,
No strength within him now
And all his frowns felt fancy free
Upon his droopy brow...

His tensed-up whiskers soon laid low
As tweety birds gave song,
He knew he hadn't far to go,
The call to sleep felt strong...
His eyelids battled for a while,
Still blinking at the sun,
While those that watched him had to smile,
For he was almost done...

Don't think that he was all fatigued
From running to and fro,
Or from exhaustion he had peaked,
The little so-and-so...
He let the others do that stuff!
Such feats filled him with groans...
He'd rather do the things he'd love,
The shameless LAZY BONES!

Denis Martindale, copyright, April 2011.

The poem is based on the magnificent painting
by Stephen Gayford called 'Lazy Bones'.

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by Denis Martindale

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