Lazy Derrières

Visual success attracts!
It is the 'show and tell' aspect,
That gains respect many accept!

A lifetime of hard work,
And rejecting failure and disappointment...
Doesn't reflect on the brows of those who sweat!
As they clarify their 'visions' alone without regret!

To themselves,
Are the ones toiling on dreams to come!
Very few of them sit like quitters...
Expecting wishes to them appear!
Out of thin air!
To receive with flair.
As many who do this...
Complain of the wait,
On their spreading lazy derrières!

It takes more than talk,
To see a 'baby' from birth...
Crawl before it walks!
And proud of each step taken.
Before it realizes...
What can be achieved!
What can happen and be accomplished.
What these efforts produced...
Rewards will be received!
If one believes it 'IS' in reach!
If off of their behinds they leave to beseech!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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