Le Jardin De La Joie (The Garden Of Joy)

Before you came into my life my garden knew no love!
Until you came to be my wife and we walked hand-in-glove...
For when we came to live as one, our children joined us, too!
Together, we, have shared such fun! It seemed the garden knew!
Now every year the roses bloom and fragrance fills the flowers!
Aromas roam with such perfume there are no lonely hours!
Each bumble bee comes like a friend to visit and to feed...
Thus baby bees on us depend to make their honey mead...
Fine-feathered friends enjoy their stay and flock back now and then!
They know we won't turn them away... they pick their moments when...
Thus laughter fills each sweet repose! Our pear tree does us proud!
And as the day comes to a close, we thank the Lord, heads bowed...
Without Christ's love our joy would fade like twilight, slow and coy!
And yet God's love each day's displayed in our garden of joy!

by Denis Martindale

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