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Le Monde
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Le Monde

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

Roses from thy neighbour's garden
smell so sweet, well, just like roses.
Florists spray a whiff of Arden
a perfume to deceive our noses.

Today, we've gone those extra miles
to hide from our origins.
Infatuated with new styles
we've thrown traditions in the bin.

The catch-cries 'conquer' and 'exploit'
have taken hold inside our minds,
from Fresno fields up to Detroit
we're wearing thick but flimsy blinds.

Take a tomato, get a taste
and don't forget to take your pills.
Your water's full of toxic waste
and, daily, we create new ills.

America, you've got it all,
and rightfully you take the lead
until the day comes when you fall,
one cannot build a house on greed.

The aim today is decimation,
reduce our numbers to a trickle.
Disease and War sustain this nation,
in the beginning was the Nickel.

Our luxury can't be sustained.
It's not a lack of food, but Gold.
So much to lose, so little gained,
Compassion? It has long been sold.

And those who sit there and deceive
while willing slaves do stab and kill,
are there no Gods to care and grieve?
To see a precious world, so ill.

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Comments (2)

As a Florist Herbert, we don't spray flowers with scent, not in my shop anyway, and it would damage the petals I'm afraid. Trouble is most commercial flowers don't have any perfume, which is sad, apart from Star Gazer Lilies, or Freesias, but not much else. But I do understand what you are projecting with this poem. Sincerely Ernestine.
Wow, Haines, Jr....it does my heart good to see my country through the eyes of others. I am often ashamed of the value system in the United States...and feel my powerlessness to do anything to make an impact...going to hell in a handbasket is an appropriate metaphor...yes, indeed.