A Love Serenade

So here is a serenade
i have sung
all through the long years
that we were wed
making bonds of love
shimmer across our hearts
as we make 'love'
remember herself.

As dark as midnight
As light as day
in between the dawn of yesterday and today
you have left me
thirsty for your midsummer rain.

Your lips trembling upon mine
Your touch is every delight
sending shock wave of pleasure
across my existence.

i crave
i dig
i chide
and i speak
and feel numb
as i walk
and i see
the beauty in god's blessing
for you and me.

you and me
just like 'they' and 'them'
were made to withstand
the joys of life.
its every tones
and every highlight
and every sorrow
that had to pass
right across our paths.

Now that the years
have come to end
of a life
lived long and hard

there remains in me and you
every strength
that there was at first.

by abu tarek md tahsin

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Awesome story poem. Thanks for sharing it here.