Le Sauveur De Mon Coeur

She moves through the shadows,
A force unknown.
Her eyes layers of energy
Holding the keys that fit a
Complicated lock of bound passion.

Even in slumber she travels
To the place that none dare
Enter, that sacred room
Of solace and meditation.
She looks for me.

Did I hear the call?
Did I see the sign
Delicately placed within
The screenboard of my mind
Where the magic is wrought?

If I seek,
Surely I will find her there,
Her voice softly echoing
As the wind amongst the
Pines I have
Traveled so far to find.

The incantations
Written on her milky
Soft skin tell the tale,
The words twist and wind as fluid, inconcrete,
And bind themselves around my form.

What is there that I do not
Already know?
When the last curtain is ripped
From its foundation, the last
Story recounted, will I find her waiting?

Is her patience the key
To my salvation?
Is her voice the music,
The softly chiming timbre
Resounding in my soul?

The chasm is great,
The pit appears vast and
But my heart is the bridge,
Extended out to her on the other side.

Why do her eyes haunt me,
Place themselves in my waking thoughts,
Flow through my mind like
An unabated river, washing me
Of the unclean, making my spirit pure?

She fulfills the allegory of
My adoration as she stands
Next to me in my dreams,
Glowing with the white hot fire
Of my ardour, reflected.

She is absent, but the
Fragrance of skin I
Cannot caress floats
Through like a perfume,
Bending my mind.

Vous êtes mon seul amour.
Mon coeur a un reste dans votre âme,
Sur l'eau comme la plume sur votre océan,
L'idée de rien d'autre que votre regard radieux,
Fixé dans la passion pour toujours, sur un homme de rien.

(You are my only love.
My heart has a rest in your soul,
On water as a feather on your ocean,
The idea of nothing more than your radiant gaze,
Fixed in passion forever, on a man of nothing.)

by Tsani Jones

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