Le Trois De Nous

Poem By Zoe Nyght

He whispered something like,
I had a dream last night.
The trees were envious of your beauty,
and lost in your confusion.
The dichotomy of you baffled them
but they loved you still.
I don’t even know what dichotomy means.

Really? remarked I.
Your subconscious said all that?

Yes. Please, tell me what it means.

I shrugged to him, my face absent of color.
Looking towards the sky, I backbended into myself
and from my melting, meshing skin sprang
Facing her with shaking confidence
I mouthed, this
(This, she echoed)
is dichotomy.
(Is Dichotomy.)

And from there, the three of us dispersed into the wind,
on the backs of golden-red leaves.

Comments about Le Trois De Nous

The previous rater did a disservice. This has some really great imagery. Not sure about the last line/ending - perhaps too easy an out? (8)

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