Lead Best Life As In Paradise Of Heaven!

The usual day has started after the New Year celebration;
The sky is blue with bright Sunshine everywhere with hope;
Everything going on peacefully and beautifully, day goes on;
What a nice feeling each has with joy to do all afresh again!

Inspiration of friends has energized many to go ahead with
Full of hope and confidence to achieve great things ever!
Celebration of such a kind surely has its own effect, only
Those who have experienced it can understand and enjoy life!

Encouragement of love by dear ones is indeed a great boon for
Mankind to avail of by New Year celebrations everywhere in
The world we all wish to bring about humanly changes by good
Reforms to make our world a better place than before to live!

Living in harmony with Nature and eschewing bad thoughts,
Surely, we all can lead best life as in paradise of heaven!

by Ramesh T A

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Ramesh, such a heartwarming new year poem...10+++