Sonnet To My Beloved Daughter

WHEN FATE in ruthless rage assail'd my breast,
And Heaven relentless seal'd the harsh decree;
HOPE, placid soother of the mind distress'd;
To calm my rending sorrows­gave me THEE.

In all the charms of innocence array'd,
'Tis thine to sprinkle patience on my woes;
As from thy voice celestial comfort flows,
Glancing bright lustre o'er each dreary shade.

Still may thy growing REASON's light divine,
Illume with joy my melancholy bow'rs;
Still may the beams of sacred VIRTUE shine,
To deck thy spring of youth with thornless flow'rs;
So shall their splendid attributes combine,
To shed soft sunshine on MY WINTRY HOURS.

by Mary Darby Robinson

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Ooooh! Mandy. Nice submission! I like this very much! Keep it up. L
quite nice, Mandy... I signed on and saw you at the top of the list. I hope I am the first of your readers for this one. BTW... what is the score in our contest? dan