Leaders Who Teach Us, The

Always runnin' on empty
Ain't got no fuel
The men who lead us
Are intolerably cruel
The fuel they need
Is mid-east oil
So we must gather up quickly
And go take their soil

The men, they taught us
They taught us so great
We must steal the Indian's land
Before it's too late
We murdered 'em millions
We left 'em their corn
We'd forgotten the treaties
The treaties we'd sworn

In the bloody Civil War
Hundreds of thousands died
The rebels never understood they
Were fightin' for the wrong side
Thought they were protectin' their homes
But really it was slavery
Marchin' 'round with ignorance
Whistlin' good ole Dixie

Remember the Maine
Them Spanish done us wrong
To hell with Spain
They won't last for long
Blamin' 'em we did
A war we'd must partaken
While all along
We were really mistaken

Now in World War Two
Those Nazis were bad
Killed millions of innocent
Made us all mad
The evil acts they'd done
With all righteousness we'd condemn
Little did we know
We'd turn out just like them

Now I'm taught to hate the insurgents
Their Islamic regime must go
Do I think they're bastards?
Well yes, I reckon so
The rules of their religion
State freedom one must cuss
But when I look at 'em closely
They're no different than us

The leaders who teach us
All their teachin's are lies
They continue to spew them
While thousands of us die
We fire our weapons
While they count their money
The youths who disagree with 'em
Ain't nothin' but hippies

The brave youth who enlist
Are usually poor
Their numerous deaths fail to make
Our leaders' eyes soar
The men, they sit there countin'
While the brave youth bleed
But they can't see death
Through their veil of greed

I've been sittin' here thinkin'
What this was all for
I haven't yet come up with
A good reason for war
But what I'll do
Is continue to protest
For I know that the leaders' reason
Is far from the best

by Paul the Lion

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WoW! I love this poem, not only because i couldn't agree with you more, but because it is so powerful and the ryhmes are pretty cool too. I am definitely adding this one to my fav poems list. Very well written Paul, I love it!
'You got gangsters and powers and lawbreakers making rules.' Bob Dylan When You Gonna Wake Up
Wheeew this is a long one.. sorry I haven't been around much. I have a busy life sometimes. I'm not very political, awesome rhyme. Red