If I Could Kill Pretty Girls

If I could kill pretty girls, I'd snatch the hair out of their heads,
Or suffocate them while they are sleeping in their pretty little beds,
I'd strangle them to death, until their faces turn pale,
I'd stab them in the heart six times, and then drag them to hell,
I'd tie them in a chair, and pour gasoline on the floor,
I'd let the fire burn the pretty off them, so they'd be pretty no more,
I'd throw them in the water, until their faces turn blue,
I'd make them so ugly, so they'd feel like me and you,
I'd shoot them in the head, a thousand times each,
And let the waves take them over shore, after I throw them in the beach,
I'd stitch up their pretty lips, to stop their bitchy complaints,
And the perfect comments they make, when we know they are no saints,
If I could kill pretty girls, I'd let the crows eat at their skin,
But there's no reason to kill pretty girls, because I know beauty lies within,

by niakeva thomas

Comments (3)

WoW! I love this poem, not only because i couldn't agree with you more, but because it is so powerful and the ryhmes are pretty cool too. I am definitely adding this one to my fav poems list. Very well written Paul, I love it!
'You got gangsters and powers and lawbreakers making rules.' Bob Dylan When You Gonna Wake Up
Wheeew this is a long one.. sorry I haven't been around much. I have a busy life sometimes. I'm not very political, awesome rhyme. Red