KCJ (12th June 1984 / Norwich, England)

Leading Lambs By The Promises Of Erroneous Faith

Jesus Christ the son of God, as such are we all
This figure now so prominent with crossed wood rising tall
Through your sacrifice, many now believe
But off the tracks unto deception, stray these humble sheep
Small minds clutch to rumour that the bible is ‘HIS’ word
But God is not a man, or woman, such notion is absurd
Nor is this holy parchment, written by God’s hand
But conception of the mind of power hungry man
Inhibiting our actions, control through lack of truth
To keep us and our one true God apart and aloof

Words decreed as dirty make us fearful of damnation
And through this fear we fail to seize our personal salvation
They box us in a corner and dropp a fraying rope
Towards the only way we see, we desperately grope
But soon that rope it weakens, and only as we fall
Do we realise that the facts we were shown were far from being all
But alas, our time is through, the one chance we had spent
Wasted by false words of God, a message corrupt and bent
Man cannot decide Gods word, though each of us God is,
For God is us, but us not Gods. We are but where God lives.

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