The Words Still Unspoken

there are words that need not be spoken
like you telling me that i care for you
for how would you know what i feel for you?
it would be too self-assuming
for you to say that i really care for you
what if i do not? what if what i do is nothing but
an obligation of one human being to another?
what if it is not love at all as you would want to impress
me with it? what if it is just a projection of yourself?
you loving me and me not knowing it
me not believing it, simply because you are also afraid
to love since i may not return that love with its face value,

there are words that need not be spoken
matters of the heart, presumptions that good deeds
are shadows of hidden desires, vested interests,
blessing in disguise, wolves in sheep skins

in love my friend, you just don't make assumptions
at the end, you may regret it, for despite my emptiness
my ugliness, and my loneliness, i also know how to choose.

it is something that i have never spoken
but if i speak it all, it will only be to you.


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It's the ignoring the reality part that gets us into trouble...isn't it? Nicely said. Hugs, Dee