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The Night Halt
(3rd August 1950 / Mumbai)

The Night Halt

Finally...a roof to compliment the four walls
Not too tender a place....but rest I must
The formality of the space...disturbing me
An infinite passage... a chance halt
A candle flickers to life as the shadows leap to the wall.
Tired and weary I gaze at the one in the mirror.

The shoulders crave for peace..
for...the load had been too arduous for the heart
The colour of the sack..faded and repetitive
Some beads missing....a few voids to sew
A bagful of time...a bagful of remains
They had been...my riches..my wealth for life
The pieces of existence....which kept me transient
A broken bottle of feelings
A crackep cup of joy
Few breathless strings of relationships
A picture stained in love
A scarf fragrant with tears
Coins from the land of fairies
Masks tainted in laughter
And sparkling dust of dreams!

As the morning advanced naturally
I rooted my decision to reality
I left them all, sleeping by the table
In the cover of the stars it was a pensive walk
I felt the piercing loneliness
but the freedom was perfumed too
A little lighter... I furthered my flight
No baggage to remind me of you.....
Non to remind me of me
Just me...by my side
In quest of a new dawn...! ! ! !

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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Geeta, this is a magnificent, transcendental work. Not so much in literature deals with the father-daughter relationship. Only a father could understand the quality of a lotus flower on muddy terrain! A perfect 10!
A beautiful story expressing family love and life.
Oh, Geeta. Your memories have been implanted in me. Wave functions collapsing. Life, seemingly chaotic. Ends becoming from unintentional means. I will indeed read the other part. Peace!
Part 6 Loved this simple but profound poem. A 100 and onto my poem list.
Money was very scarce, but never spoke to us about it. And always found time for public service, though didn't speak high about it. He was one of the founders of our farmers credit cooperative scociety, and was its honorary secretary for many years, until the society was big enough to pay for a whole time secretary. Many more. Great poem. Thank you.
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