Leah Is Safe

As I looked upon your tiny delicate face
pressed my lips gently against your cheek

Tickled your chin you looked up and smiled
at that moment I knew God had stormed heaven

Sought for me one of his most precious rosebuds
as weeks has turned to months then to years

my first impression of you was correct
Do you remember that terrible accident long ago

Bodies thrown upon the highway, blood flowing
the smell of death was everywhere

Out of all this chaos you stood up, walked away


I know in my heart of hearts, GOD looked down
and thought, I must protect my rosebud from harm

When the phone call came my heart exploded
Then a voice said, Leah is safe
I am eternally grateful for you

You have become my mainstay
My true friend, my daughter my fist love.

by Heather Burns

Comments (4)

'Out of all this chaos you stood up, walked away' - Thank God! What a miraculous survival from a fatal accident! Emotions eloquently expressed in the poem. On the 2nd of June,2017 my younger brother met a fatal road accident at Queens, New York City, in which his wife died on the spot while he luckily survived with some not so serious injuries. His wife left behind her husband and two sons, one is only eleven years old. We are so grieved at this tragic twist of life!
I've enjoyed this wonderful tribute to your daughter. It's a miracle. How blessed you are.
Thank God Leah your daughter is safe, May God Almighty always keep her safe from all dangers, May God guide her with correct, path, good health, immense wealth, May God fulfill all her righteous wishes, Lovely poem of love for your lovely daughter, thanks for sharing :)
Indeed, precious souls are we all