Lean On Me

Compassion, understanding, a hand held out
to save me, to bring me to rain, in a desert drought, Leaning a shoulder when I cannot stand
guiding me to Faith and to the promised Land. Refusing to let me give up, you don't let go
or let me fall when tribulations come blow after blow.. Your effort to soothe me and dry up my tears
is like walking me through darkness conquering my fears. When I'm overwhelmed, depleted, too tired to fight,
You remind me that even in darkness there is Always God's light. Such a dedicated, true, loyal friend you are,
I want to say "Thank You," even though from afar. Than you for being there day after day-
If ever you need me; I'll be there . . . somehow . . . someway.

by Melissa L. Phillips

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hey cool poem, reminds me of my friend