The Blade Of Infidelity

a sharp sword
whose blade never dulls
though it has pierced
billions of hearts

by Saiom Shriver

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A great poem on human emotions beautifully in the poem of the great poet and likes it.
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out 
I particularly like the last two couplets. It's interesting, even though the piece obviously holds no pretensions to the form, this poem feels quite a bit like a ghazal. Simply the feel of the lines, I suppose. For some reason, Neruda has never grown on me as I would like him to do, but I rather like this. Perhaps I simply need to read more of his work.
No person who has ever loved should be without a poem from Neruda. No-one.
pablo, my share of your experience of love your walk it soothes the part of my heart that springs smartness
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