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I was drawn by a sea of
Spectacular confusion of exhilarating possibilities.
Who thought one could have been confused by lilies;
Huge, waxy flowers full of aroma and colors?
Like the magnetic spectrums of light I adore,
Pure glistening white, bright gold, yellow, pink.
I stare in your rainbow like eyes and you wink.
My heart boogie rapid effervescence of emotions
And my soul drawn by lilies in motion.
Sometime I mistake you for Species lilies,
Often when you bring out your wildness.
Sometimes I'm confuse by Asiatic lilies,
You smile every time you see me,
A never fading bloom of strong ocean current,
That draws me deep in its favorable scent
And the scent came stronger with winds of passion.
I'm drawn to you Leann, a taste of magical potion,
This spell needs not to be broken
My choice of words has been spoken

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