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King of Kosala,
Had no progeny.
Though had 3 wives.
Did a sacrifice
Of fire,
Divine angel brought
The sweet porridge
In a golden bowl.
Drank the porride
All the three.
Ram's mother was Kowsalya,
Bharat's mother was Kaikaeyi,
Laksmana's and Shtrugna's mother was
All were happy.
When Rama had to become the prince,
Kaikeyi with her boons in store,
Asked Dasaratha to grant them.
Rama had to go in exile,
Bharata to rule.
Dasaratha lost his life
With the depart of Ram.
Sita the daughter of King of Mithila,
Janaka and lakshman too went
With Ram.

by gnrao rao

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