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## Learned, Loved And Lost ##
SA (19 Mar 1979 / KGF, India)

## Learned, Loved And Lost ##

Poem By Seema Aarella

I used to sleep,
In her arms.
I used to weep
To be her charm.
Why did I learn?
To sleep on my own
She put me in bed
I lost her embrace.

I used to stumble,
And look so humble.
I struggled to stand
Holding his hand.
To walk he used to teach,
I lost his care,
The day I walked beyond his reach.

She taught me to read,
To write with speed
Opened a new world
Of stories and songs.
Patted my back
When I was right,
Corrected all my wrongs.
Why did I pass?
Only to leave her
What a teacher she was.

Lived like this
With many dreams
Walked alone
Along the streams.
Moving on
From time to time,
Then he came
Like a new season
Made my laugh
Made me cry,
Gave a reason to live
And nerve to die.
I fell in love
He broke his vow.

Is this what?
Life is all about,
A game of
Triumph and defeat.
With every step
I rose, and lost
The ladder beneath..

People come and go,
But will never stay,
Like a passing cloud
That rains and goes away.

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Comments (6)

'I lost his care, The day I walked beyond his reach'... this line touched the bottom of the father's heart in me...a write beyond ordinary praise...thanks Seema...10
i have commented before...but i forgot to mention that it is really beautiful...heh
wow! ! great write...
Life/love/feeling happy/sorrow expressed finely...........10 all phenomena moving. surprisingly love too!
life has to change...